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Statement of Position on
Hospitality Workers in Nevada

Recognizing the crucial role of Hospitality workers in the food service industry, it is essential to establish a policy that guarantees their fair treatment and fair wages. Our statement of position aims to support regulations and standards that promote equitable conditions, fair compensation, and improved job security for Hospitality workers nationwide.


Fair Treatment of Hospitality Workers


  • Employers shall not discriminate against Hospitality workers based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

  • Employers shall provide equal opportunities for career advancement, training, and promotion for all Hospitality workers.


Healthy Work Environment:

  • Employers shall maintain a safe and healthy workplace for Hospitality workers, providing necessary safety equipment and training to mitigate workplace hazards.

  • Employers shall enforce policies to prevent harassment, and discrimination, and create channels for reporting complaints without fear of retaliation.


Reasonable Working Hours:

  • Hospitality workers shall be provided with reasonable working hours that comply with relevant labor laws and regulations.

  • Employers shall compensate Hospitality workers for overtime work at a rate defined by applicable labor laws.


Protections for Temporary and Part-Time Workers:

  • Hospitality workers employed on a temporary or part-time basis shall receive the same protections, benefits, and wages as full-time workers in similar positions.

  • Employers shall not exploit temporary or part-time workers by offering inconsistent working hours or substandard wages.


Fair Wages for Hospitality Workers

Minimum Wage:

  • Employers shall adhere to the minimum wage regulations established by national or regional labor authorities.

  • The minimum wage for Hospitality workers shall be regularly reviewed and adjusted to reflect the cost of living and industry standards.


Tip Protection:

  • Employers shall not withhold tips earned by Hospitality workers.

  • Tips received by Hospitality workers shall be in addition to their regular wages and shall not constitute a substitute for the minimum wage.


Benefits and Entitlements:

  • Employers shall provide Hospitality workers with statutory benefits, including paid leave, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

  • Employers shall comply with all applicable laws related to employees' benefits and entitlements.


Enforcement and Compliance

Regulatory Agencies:

  • Appropriate governmental agencies shall be responsible for overall enforcement, compliance monitoring, and conducting inspections to ensure employers conform to the provisions of this legislation.

  • Agencies shall have the authority to investigate complaints, impose penalties, and take legal action against non-compliant employers.



  • Employers found guilty of violating this legislation shall be subject to fines, penalties, or other sanctions as determined by relevant labor authorities.

  • Repeat offenders may face increased penalties, license suspension, or closure of their establishments.


Whistleblower Protection:

  • Hospitality workers who report violations of this legislation shall be protected from retaliation, discrimination, or unfair treatment by their employers.

  • Employers found guilty of retaliating against whistleblowers shall be held accountable and may face additional penalties.

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