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Statement of Position on
Migrant Workers

Nevada's history is shaped by the contributions of immigrants and migrants from diverse backgrounds. As a U.S. Senate candidate, I am dedicated to advocating for compassionate and comprehensive immigration policies that reflect our shared values of fairness, justice, and opportunity. Our position outlines our vision for a humane and effective approach to immigration in Nevada. This migrant policy reflects our commitment to a humane, fair, and pragmatic approach to immigration in Nevada. We will work tirelessly to ensure that Nevada's immigrant and migrant communities are valued and supported and that immigration policies reflect our shared principles of justice and compassion.


Path to Citizenship:

We believe in providing a fair and attainable path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Our initiatives include:

  • Supporting comprehensive immigration reform that offers a path to citizenship for undocumented individuals.

  • Advocating for the protection of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries.

  • Promoting family reunification and addressing the immigration backlog.


Border Security and Law Enforcement:

We recognize the need for secure borders and efficient law enforcement. Our objectives encompass:

  • Promoting smart border security measures that prioritize technology and infrastructure.

  • Advocating for humane and accountable immigration enforcement policies.

  • Ensuring the oversight and accountability of immigration agencies to prevent abuses and violations of rights.


Refugee Resettlement:

We are committed to providing refuge to those fleeing violence, persecution, or disaster. Our goals include:

  • Supporting the resettlement of refugees in Nevada communities.

  • Expanding resources for agencies and organizations that assist refugees.

  • Fostering collaboration between federal, state, and local authorities to facilitate the resettlement process.


DREAMers and Education:

We believe in the importance of supporting DREAMers and their education. Our initiatives encompass:

  • Advocating for the protection of DREAMers and access to higher education.

  • Expanding financial aid options for immigrant students.

  • Promoting policies that allow DREAMers to contribute fully to the economy and society.


Migrant Workers:

We recognize the contributions of migrant workers to Nevada's economy. Our strategies include:

  • Advocating for just and fair labor practices for migrant workers.

  • Expanding pathways for temporary and seasonal workers to access legal status.

  • Promoting the protection of workers' rights and fair wages for all.


Integration and Community Engagement:

Effective integration is key to successful immigration. Our commitments encompass:

  • Supporting initiatives that facilitate language acquisition and cultural integration.

  • Promoting access to healthcare and social services for migrants and refugees.

  • Fostering opportunities for community engagement and participation.


Asylum Seekers and Due Process:

We are dedicated to upholding due process for asylum seekers. Our goals include:

  • Advocating for efficient and fair processing of asylum claims.

  • Providing legal representation and support for asylum seekers.

  • Opposing measures that limit access to the asylum process.


Humanitarian Response:

Humanitarian crises require a compassionate response. Our strategies include:

  • Advocating for the humane treatment of individuals and families in U.S. custody.

  • Promoting alternatives to detention for vulnerable populations.

  • Supporting the reunification of separated families and children with their parents.


Community Policing and Trust:

We believe in fostering trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities. Our initiatives encompass:

  • Promoting community policing approaches that build trust and cooperation.

  • Advocating for protections against racial profiling and discriminatory practices.

  • Ensuring that local law enforcement focuses on public safety rather than immigration enforcement.

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