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Statement of Position on
the Undocumented

Nevada is home to many undocumented individuals who contribute to our communities and economy. As a U.S. Senate candidate, I am committed to advocating for a compassionate and pragmatic approach to address the needs of undocumented residents while recognizing the broader issues of immigration reform. Our statement of position outlines our vision for a more inclusive and just Nevada. We will work tirelessly to ensure that Nevada is a welcoming and inclusive state and that policies reflect our shared values of justice, compassion, and opportunity.


Protecting DREAMers and TPS Beneficiaries:

Our primary objective is to provide protection and stability to DREAMers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries. Our initiatives include:

  • Advocating for the passage of legislation that offers a path to citizenship for DREAMers and TPS beneficiaries.

  • Supporting the extension of TPS for countries facing ongoing humanitarian crises.

  • Promoting the protection of DREAMers' access to higher education and employment.


Family Reunification:

We believe in keeping families together. Our goals encompass:

  • Promoting family reunification by reducing visa backlogs and wait times.

  • Advocating for policies that protect the rights of mixed-status families.

  • Ensuring humane and reasonable detention alternatives for parents to stay with their children.


Legal Protections and Due Process:

We are committed to upholding due process and legal protections for undocumented individuals. Our commitments include:

  • Advocating for access to legal representation for undocumented individuals.

  • Supporting policies that ensure fair and efficient immigration court proceedings.

  • Opposing measures that limit access to the asylum process and violate due process rights.


Safe Spaces and Law Enforcement Trust:

Safe communities depend on trust between law enforcement and residents. Our strategies encompass:

  • Promoting community policing approaches that build trust and cooperation.

  • Advocating for protections against racial profiling and discriminatory practices.

  • Ensuring that local law enforcement focuses on public safety rather than immigration enforcement.


Humanitarian Response:

We believe in a humane response to humanitarian crises. Our initiatives include:

  • Advocating for the humane treatment of undocumented individuals in U.S. custody.

  • Promoting alternatives to detention for vulnerable populations, such as asylum seekers.

  • Supporting the reunification of separated families and children with their parents.


Access to Healthcare and Education:

We recognize the importance of providing access to healthcare and education for undocumented individuals. Our commitments encompass:

  • Promoting access to healthcare services, regardless of immigration status.

  • Expanding access to education, including in-state tuition rates, for undocumented students.

  • Supporting community health centers that provide services to all residents, regardless of immigration status.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

We understand that lasting solutions require comprehensive immigration reform. Our goals include:

  • Advocating for fair and practical immigration policies that address root causes and prevent future undocumented immigration.

  • Supporting the expansion of legal pathways for those seeking employment and family reunification.

  • Promoting a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented individuals, allowing them to fully participate in our society and economy.

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