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Statement of Position on
Labor Unions

Recognizing the fundamental role of unions in protecting the rights and interests of workers, it is essential to establish legislation that ensures fair treatment and fair wages for unionized workers. This statement of position demonstrates our efforts to protect the rights and interests of unionized workers, ensuring fair treatment, fair wages, and improved job security. By upholding collective bargaining rights, promoting non-discrimination, and establishing mechanisms for enforcement, this proposed legislation seeks to safeguard the fundamental principles and benefits of unionized work.


Fair Treatment of Union Workers

Collective Bargaining Rights:

  • Employers shall recognize the right of unionized workers to engage in collective bargaining through their chosen representatives.

  • Employers shall not interfere with, restrain, or discriminate against union activities or the exercise of collective bargaining rights.



  • Employers shall not discriminate against union workers based on their union membership or engaging in protected union activities.

  • Employers shall provide equal employment opportunities for union workers in terms of promotions, training, career development, and other benefits.


Healthy Work Environment:

  • Employers shall ensure a safe and healthy workplace for union workers, complying with all applicable health and safety regulations.

  • Employers shall not retaliate against union workers who raise concerns or file complaints about workplace health and safety.


No-Hire Replacement Workers:

  • Employers and their agents shall not hire permanent replacement workers during a lawful strike or lockout, except in specific circumstances allowed by applicable labor laws.


Fair Wages for Union Workers

Wage Increases and Adjustments:

  • Employers shall negotiate and implement fair wages through the process of collective bargaining, ensuring that union workers' compensation is commensurate with their skills, qualifications, and the value of their work.

  • Wage increases and adjustments shall be periodic and reflect the cost of living, productivity gains, and industry standards.


Benefits and Entitlements:

  • Employers shall provide union workers with regular benefits and entitlements as negotiated and outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Employers shall comply with all applicable laws related to employees' benefits, including but not limited to paid leave, sick leave, health insurance, retirement benefits, and other mandated allowances.


Enforcement and Compliance

Regulatory Agencies:

  • Appropriate governmental agencies shall be responsible for overseeing the enforcement and compliance of this legislation, particularly concerning collective bargaining practices and unfair labor practices.

  • These agencies shall have the authority to investigate complaints, conduct audits, impose penalties, and take legal action against non-compliant employers.



  • Employers found guilty of violating this legislation shall be subject to fines, penalties, or other sanctions as determined by relevant labor authorities.

  • Repeat offenders may face increased penalties, revocation of permits or licenses, or other remedies as deemed appropriate.


Whistleblower Protection:

  • Union workers who report violations of this legislation shall be protected from retaliation, discrimination, or unfair treatment by their employers.

  • Employers found guilty of retaliating against whistleblowers shall be held accountable and may face additional penalties.

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